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Overcome the Obstacles of Global Ecommerce

International ecommerce sales are set to soar to $1 trillion in 2020, up from $230 billion in 2014 and will then account for nearly 30% of all ecommerce sales, according to Accenture. Studies have shown that 25% of shoppers from North America have bought items online from other countries, compared to 23% of German shoppers and 15% of French shoppers making cross border purchases. International shipping may be becoming increasingly popular with consumers but businesses that take advantage of the global ecommerce markets often get hit with expensive and time consuming procedures when navigating the confusing world of international shipping regimes.

The confusing and expensive procedures have shown that retailers are becoming reluctant to expand their reach over international borders. As of 2013 only 25% of EU retailers sell their products cross-border, a smaller number than in 2011. Whether you are shipping to the USA, Ukraine or Uganda, each country has their own particular customs procedures along with substantial shipping charges depending on what area you are delivering to. More and more small businesses are using modern ecommerce to expand their reach over international borders but the common obstacles of customs and international delivery charges can become increasingly difficult for small businesses to navigate.

Some common problems encountered by businesses trying to ship aboard include: regulatory issues, payment processing, international logistics and expensive delivery charges.

What we do

Eq8tor make international shipping as simple and stress free as possible. Whether it be export, documentation, customs navigation or final delivery, we will overcome all of the obstacles of global ecommerce on your behalf, all for a set fee. We handle the international shipping for a number of ecommerce companies and can therefore negotiate the best possible pricing for the delivery of your products. As an eq8tor member, make sure to use the eq8tor app to take full advantage of the latest shipping rates, exclusive networking opportunities, delivery tracking and access to special shipping offers.

Over the last two decades, the team have focussed on driving down the prices of international ecommerce fulfilment and has helped a huge number of small businesses overcome the challenges that are faced when selling internationally online. Here at eq8tor we take pride in the way that we utilise a global network of contacts to not only provide your company with simplified customs procedures but also to massively reduce risk and overhead costs, providing you with that competitive edge.

Eq8tor is perfect for…..

Expanding your business into international market places – The UK is one of the largest e-commerce trading regions in the world. You should take advantage of this fact by expanding the horizons of your company to include international shipping options.

Understanding country-specific regulations – Every country has their own set of confusing and time-consuming rules and regulations when it comes to international shipping. Eq8tor aim to cut through the confusion to help you open your doors to international customers.

Arranging international courier services – We arrange all international courier services on your behalf; all you have to do is ship your products to one of our specialist fulfilment centres in London or Chicago and we will take care of the rest!

Making big savings on shipping costs – eq8tor members access great international shipping discounts thanks to our connections with multiple ecommerce companies. We arrange bulk shipping discounts so that our customers benefit from lowered delivery costs.

What you will gain

  • Expansion into the international market
  • Simple and stress free international shipping
  • International Networking
  • Discounts and Savings
  • Fixed cost e-commerce fulfilment

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